Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Stormy Weather

Well, we've certainly had more than our fair share of storms this past few weeks. Surely we must be due an early Spring?   ☔️


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Burn's Night

Haggis, neeps and tatties was probably the most popular meal in Scotland last night. Actually, haggis is eaten quite a lot in our house. It's not just reserved for Burn's night.

And of course, poetry isn't just reserved for Burn's Night either, but in honour of the Bard, I wrote a few wee lines...

One of the new discoveries which came after I had to take early retirement from work was a love of writing.  I believe writing can be quite therapeutic, as well as being a brilliant distraction technique. Sometimes nobody else gets to read what I write. Sometimes my writing is specifically about a friend or relative, so it wouldn't mean the same to other people. Sometimes I publish work here on my blog or on Facebook where other people can read them. Occasionally, I have entered poems and stories into competitions.

The first poetry competition I entered had to be based on the national lottery. The lottery had just started here in the UK and nearly everyone was playing it and nearly everyone was believing they could win it. So it was an easy subject to write about. A few weeks later, I received a congratulatory letter to tell me I was a lucky winner and my poem was going to be published in an anthology beside other winning entries. I'd never won anything in my life, so that was pretty amazing for me. Once I'd stopped doing a happy dance (just an imaginary happy dance, not real dancing), I read the rest of the letter. 'To purchase a copy of the book, please fill in the attached form and return to us along with a cheque....'

So, my poem was to be included in a book. But I had to buy a copy. And of course I did buy a copy. So did my parents.

I started sending other poems to other competitions. A few weeks later, I received another congratulatory letter about another poem. Another winner. Another book to buy. And yes, my Mum and Dad wanted to buy that one too.

A few weeks later, yet another winning poem. Yet another book to buy. I didn't buy it. And I didn't let my Mum and Dad buy it either. I think I threw that letter into the fire.

It could be an expensive hobby entering competitions. Many of them charge an entry fee. Then if they deem the poem good enough to be published in their anthology, they want you to buy said anthology. And of course, they are very happy when the writer's parents are so proud that they also want to buy a copy.

To be quite honest, I don't think talent is required for some of those competitions. I could have sent them a shopping list and they would have possibly deemed it suitable to publish as poetry....so long as I was prepared to buy their book.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Unite in Kindness

I keep hearing myself say the folowing six words - this is such a sad world. And without a doubt, it really is.

Where is all this going to end? Countless atrocities are happening daily all over the world. That is all we hear on the news. It can become so depressing. But we need to hear those stories. We need to know about them. We need to feel bad enough so that we are compelled enough to say, "This isn't right, and something needs to change."

It might seem an impossible task, but something DOES need to change.

I don't know what the correct answer is. But I believe it needs to be thought out thoroughly. It can't be a decision made in haste in retaliation to last week's terrorist attacks in Paris.

Governments talk about war. I'm no expert, but from what I've seen over the last several years, war doesn't cure the problem. It creates a bigger problem, with thousands of innocent lives lost as collateral damage. Strikes by air missiles cause untold damage to vital buildings like hospitals and schools, road networks etc.

But could air strikes actually get to the root of ISIS and extinguish there leaders? Somehow I doubt it, but if successful, there will probably be men just as evil, waiting to fill their shoes.

Besides, to bomb ISIS, we would also be bombing innocent people. Is that ok with you? It's not ok with me. To them, we become the enemy, bombing their world into pieces.

To them, we are the terrorists. Then they also want to retaliate. And it goes on. And on....

The media plays a huge role in society and especially when it comes to events like this. They tell us what is happening, but give us the slant which suits them and their politics. So they are not simply telling us the 'news', they are telling us what they want us to know. They decide what we should know, and how we should feel about it.

Social media can work in the same way, but often social media can bring together like minded people who can share thoughts and ideas. And just now, there is an overwhelming amount of positive posts which is heartwarming. People who care. People seeking peace, rather than war. People wanting to find better solutions to the problems. People wanting to change the world to make it a better place.

Most of us probably feel pretty helpless about the state the world is in. We feel like we are powerless to help. But we are not powerless. Each one of us can change this world.

We can and we need to make this planet which we call home a better place. We can start by bringing more kindness to the world. A small act of kindness can bring about a change in mood, it could even change someone's life. With more kindness, the world can change. We can make a difference. And we don't need politicians or their favourite newspapers to tell us how to do that.

Just now, especially, we need to Unite in kindness.

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Friday, September 04, 2015

"Looking After Our Own" #RefugeesWelcome

Nobody can possibly have escaped seeing the harrowing photos of the last few days of three year old, Alan Kurdi. Sometimes there really are no words which can express emotions properly. And this is one of those times.

I keep reading about people not being happy about photos of that poor little boy being shown. The photos are too 'distressing' and 'upsetting' so shouldn't be shown.

But surely we should all be distressed and upset. We have in actual fact been ignoring this whole situation for so long. We should be distressed and upset. More than that, we should probably feel ashamed that we have ignored it for so long and allowed it to continue.

So if those photos are what makes people react, then I believe they need to be shown.

I find this photo no less harrowing. The poor man who tried in vain to take his wife and sons to a safer place.

I have sat and watched the news for months saying, how awful, this is terrible.....but what have I done? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I am guilty of sitting back watching. Watching, grateful that it's not happening to any of my family, but I've done nothing about it. I haven't donated anything to help those people, I haven't signed a petition to ask our governments to help more. I have simply sat here, watching the television, saying, "isn't this sad."

I am as guilty as most people of thinking, well there's nothing I can do. But in actual fact, I can do something. I can petition the government, lobby my MP to ask them to intervene and do something to help these people. We can't all afford to donate money, much needed items or even a room in a house. But we are all capable of asking our governments to help more.

Our governments have probably been partly to blame for this situation arising in the first place. So isn't it their duty to try to help those poor people? I think it is.

Apart from some people criticising the photo of Alan Kurdi being shown, I have also seen some truly horrible comments. 'We need to look after our own', 'They just want to come here for benefits', 'They should just be dumped in Libya'

I actually hate even repeating those words, but just as those harrowing photos needs to be seen, those words need to be heard. And the people who say those words need to be ashamed of themselves.

Those refugees are our own. We all live in this planet....together. We are all the same species. None more special than any other. We are all people. So, yes, we do need to look after our own. And it is time for us all to start doing so.

What can you do to help?

Enough Suffering - #RefugeesWelcome

Friday, August 14, 2015

Does Pain Change You?

Today I saw a post on Facebook asking this question.

I scrolled through some comments and, unsurprisingly, the answer was a resounding  yes.

I wouldn't disagree with that.

Of course pain changes people. The ramifications of living with constant pain has to have an impact on life.

But the same could be said about other things in life. A new relationship, breakdown of a relationship, a new job, loss of a job, new additions to the family, bereavements, winning the lottery.....(yes, if only)

Life happens and when it does, it has a habit of changing us. Not just changing us, but shaping us into who we are. Everything that happens makes us grow into the people we are.

So yes, life changes us. But we always have a choice. We can still choose who or what it changes us into.

Perhaps sometimes we need to embrace whatever is happening in our lives, whether it is good or bad, and let it change us in a positive way.

Change is inevitable, but the choice of how we change is ours.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

A Hypothetical Problem

Been quite a while since I was at school but I am wondering if I am needing to do a wee refresher course in arithmetic.

This is a wee hypothetical problem I was puzzling over earlier. Supposing there are 650 people in a room (a big room) and they decide to vote on what to drink. 59 people vote for Highland Spring water. The rest vote to drink bitter lemon. So.....the majority get to decide which drink everyone has. Now, here's the arithmetic part. How many people vote for bitter lemon and which group get to decide?

So, according to my arithmetic skills, that means that 591 voted for bitter lemon and since 591 is greater than 59, it means that everybody has to drink bitter lemon.


Well, I thought I was. But I'm doubting myself now.

Here's what's confusing me.

There is a man called Dave in the room who thinks he's in charge. He only wants the bitter lemon. In fact, he is desperate to have the bitter lemon. But he is afraid that those 59 people who want to have Highland Spring water will be able to over-rule the others. He is so desperate to get his bitter lemon that he will do anything in his power to prevent those 59 people from even suggesting voting for something else. So Dave decides that the 59 shouldn't be allowed to vote at all and he shuts them outside in the cold.

See my problem? Why would Dave think that 59 people could over-rule 591 people? There is just no logic there, but he insists that to be the case and even stresses that the 591 will never again be over-ruled by the 59. So he wants to leave those 59 people out in the cold, never to be allowed to vote again.

Are those 59 people's voices not worthy of being heard? Surely they should still be allowed to vote and, even more so, explain why they would rather have that lovely Highland Spring water rather than the bitter lemon. But Dave says no. The odd thing is that Dave actually invited them into that room. He said their voices were important and needed to be heard. He actually begged them to be there. Even said that everyone's life would be better if they were all together. But he now seems to have changed his tune and wants to leave them out in the cold.

So is it my arithmetic? Has 59 actually become more than 591?

Or is Dave the problem? Does Dave just want to ensure he gets his own way all the time and always get his bitter lemon?

Dave says that's not the reason. He claims that the votes simply don't have any impact on the 59. But he's wrong. There is a big impact.

You see, once the 591 people have had a few bitter lemons along with some snacks, Dave and his pal George count what money is left. And sadly, there's not much left. George then opens door, throws out the loose change onto the road and quickly shuts the door to keep the cold out. The 59 people who are standing outside get down on their hands and knees, rummage about to find those coins. Once collected and counted, they realise there isn't enough money to get each of them a bottle of Highland Spring water. And they certainly don't have enough to have snacks as well. They have to share what they have and be very careful to try to make that money last.

There is a second part to this problem. There is another room further up the road. This room has 129 people in it and they make decisions on things too. But the odd thing about it is that one person can over-rule any decisions they make. That one person is amongst the 59 who were left out in the cold down the road. That person's name is Dave too. And he happens to be a good friend of the other Dave.

Dave1 seems to think that 59 people may be able to over-rule 591 people and really doesn't like it so will not let it happen. But Dave1 and Dave 2 both think it is ok for 1 person to over-rule 129 people.

 All very odd. Maybe it's a Dave thing.

Thank goodness this is just a hypothetical problem. Imagine if people like Dave were trying to rule the country. Really doesn't bear thinking about....

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stand Tall, Be Proud......

I'm having one of those days when a song keeps popping into my head and it's all thanks to Facebook. It's a song by Al Johnson from 1928. And just in case anyone wonders, no, I wasn't around back then, but I can remember my Papa singing it all the time when I was a wee girl.

I can only remember one verse, so this one verse has had the automatic replay button in my brain switched on all day.

There's a rainbow 'round my shoulder
And a sky of blue above
Oh the sun shines bright, the world's all right
'Cause I'm in love

As with almost every song ever sung, it can be found on You Tube. There are several versions of it. I chose the original Al Jolson's version to share here, but how I wish I could hear my Papa sing it again.

I said at the start that I remembered this song thanks to Facebook. For anyone who doesn't use Facebook, I will explain....

Facebook has put a tool on their site so that people can have a transparent rainbow on top of their profile pictures to celebrate LGBT Pride. I have added it to my profile picture, as have many of my friends. So Facebook today is awash with rainbows.

I am sure the Pride celebrations have been celebrated even more than normal this year after USA's Supreme Court made the ruling to legalise gay marriage. Hopefully more countries will do the same because I truly believe that all people in this world should be treated equally. We all came into the world the same way, so why should certain groups of people be treated differently because of they are attracted to? Why shouldn't they be allowed to marry and have the same legal rights as a heterosexual couple?
Nobody would have had any right to tell my husband and I that we shouldn't love each other or that we shouldn't get married. Nor should anyone have any right to tell a gay person that they shouldn't love or marry their partner. Surely love is something special which should be celebrated. It should be their choice, and there should be no laws telling them otherwise.

For too long, that has been happening and for too long people have felt the need to shut themselves away because they believe they won't be accepted for who they really are.

Sadly, as well as the rainbows on Facebook, I have seen some other posts about the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage. Some very shameful and hateful posts. Thankfully, the rainbows outnumber the hateful posts, so hopefully, it is a sign that people are changing.  Hate and love are two very strong emotions. I'd rather see a world full of love than hate.

It is time for change. Time to accept people for who they are, no matter who they love, no matter what colour of skin they have, no matter if they believe there are fairies living at the bottom of their gardens. We are all equal and deserve to be treated equally. Everyone should be able to stand tall and be proud of who they are.

When I was fifteen years old, my oldest sister got married. I, along with my other sister, was her bridesmaid. When the wedding photographer saw us outside the church, he came over to me and whispered, "When I am about to take a photo, I'll give you a signal. Bend your knees a bit, so you don't look as tall." I was six feet tall and pretty self conscious about my height, but there was no way I was going to bend my knees to make myself look a 'normal' height as he had put it. That was who I was, so why pretend not to be me? Incidentally, he didn't ask my sister to stand on her tiptoes to appear taller.

I was brought up being told, "Stand tall and be proud". I was a bit self-conscious about my height, but I did learn to stand tall, and be proud. That photographer's comment was just insensitive rather than cruel, although over thirty years later, I can still hear his words in my head.

I am not trying to compare that photographer's comment with the bigoted, homophobic or racist slurs and prejudices which some people are subjected to. But just as I refused to bend my knees to appear normal, nobody should have to pretend to be someone else, just so that they are accepted in society. Everyone should be allowed to be themselves.

Everyone should be encouraged to stand tall and be proud.