Friday, January 27, 2012

Alcohol or Tea?

I am a member of various support groups for trigeminal neuralgia. Over the last few weeks, a question has arisen a couple of times - "Is it okay to drink alcohol while taking TN medication?"

The packaging leaflets state that alcohol may affect you differently while taking this drug. Could this mean that you may fall over after a couple of glasses of wine? Could it mean that you might fall asleep half-way through your vodka and coke? Could it mean that drinking could make you depressed rather than be party animal everyone used to know and love? Who knows?

The other worry is that most TN sufferers are not just on one medicine. I take three different drugs plus extra pain relief and muscle relaxants when I need them. The packaging leaflet is only talking about one particular drug.....not three, four or five. Surely when you mix those drugs together, new rules must apply.  That amount of medication must alter the way our bodies can handle alcohol. Or it could even react badly with the medication? Or stop the medication from working?

Personally, I prefer to stay away from alcohol completely. I have enough problems without worrying what alcohol may or may not do to me.

I am on a cocktail of drugs for this pain. I wouldn't like to think the state I would be in if I had a drink on top of those tablets.

So I am quite happy to stick to my tea (even though I need to drink it luke-warm so it doesn't hurt.)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trapped Wind that kind of trapped wind!!

Bad enough having a back problems, sore ribs and Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Trapped wind is one ailment which I do not suffer from. I am sure my husband would gladly testify to this. I blame it on all those meds I'm on. I am sure 'untrapped' wind must be a side effect.

If I can't blame the tablets, then I would have to blame the dog! Poor Red....

I was actually talking about the weather. It is gale force, if not hurricane force winds out there tonight.

A little bit windy elsewhere it seems, but here, where we live, it feels as though the house roof is about to part company with the house. We are hearing all sorts of noise coming from outside. We are half expecting the recycling bin to fly in through the window any time soon.

As I said, it's not nearly as bad elsewhere, but we live at the end of a valley, so I am sure that the wind blows up the valley, then gets trapped here at the end and just swirls about gathering speed. So when I talk about trapped wind, I can assure you, it is trapped wind in the valley I am talking about.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Always remember
that if a small, delicate flower
can find the strength to push its way
through hard, frozen ground
year after year,
then the possibilities
for humans are endless.

We have so much more
than we realize.
We just need to learn
how to use it
in the correct way.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting Old

You know what I hate about getting old?

I mean apart from those lines and wrinkles appearing, and the hair getting greyer by the day. And the creaking joints. And the forgetfulness....

It's having to get put my reading glasses on so I can read the menu that comes in the tin of Roses. Either that, or I need to get Ian to hold the menu so that I can look at it from six feet away.

The thing is, the shapes and the wrappers have changed over the years, so I can't go by memory. And I can't have a lucky dip and just grab any at random. They must be soft, otherwise they would hurt my teeth big time due to the trigeminal neuralgia therefore I need to know what I am about to eat. know how man has evolved over the years, wouldn't it be good if our arms grew longer as our sight deteriorated with age. It would make finding those strawberry creams a lot easier without having to find our specs first.

Not that strawberry creams are my favourite. Coffee creams are actually my favourite. But Roses and Quality Street have both stopped making coffee creams. Apparently they are too expensive to make. I know that because I felt compelled to write to the makers of Quality Street a few years ago. I actually wrote a poem about it and sent it to them in the hope that they would maybe feel so sorry for this poor, desperate soul who was missing her coffee creams and they would replace them. Or even feel really sorry for me and send me a few which they had stashed away in a cupboard! But they didn't. They did write to me though and  they told me that everyone had enjoyed reading my poem....they had found it very entertaining, but unfortunately coffee creams are just too expensive to make!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

By my absence, you may have realized that I have had another bad spell. I won’t bore you with the details. I’ll just say that I’ve been very quiet, eaten not much other than porridge and soup and have done an awful lot of sleeping. I know I normally do a lot of sleeping, but I have done a bit more than usual.

One of the side effects of the the tablets I take is that I sleep a lot. And when I sleep, I dream. Well, I used to dream a lot, but now, with the tablets,  I dream so vividly, but when I wake up, I can hardly ever remember what I was dreaming about. I just have vague recollections of places and faces, but nothing specific. I hate that. I want to be able to remember them properly.

As I said, I used to dream a lot, and often I remembered every little detail. I remembered the places. I remembered the faces. So much so, that it was a topic of conversation in the house and at work every day. And sometimes my dreams came true.......

A long, long time ago, I woke up one morning absolutely exhausted. My Mum and Dad both said I looked like I had never slept. Yes, I had slept, but I had been dreaming all night, one dream after the other. I started to tell them about the dreams.

I was in a pub with some friends and I met ‘this guy’. He was tall, dark hair, wore glasses, and he had a red jacket. He also had a red car. I didn’t know what kind of car it was. I just knew that it was a ‘nice’ car. By the way, he was also handsome. But if I had added that after the tall, dark bit, it would have sounded a bit twee. But he was.

Next thing, I was going out on dates with this nice guy wearing the nice red that nice red car.

Next bit, well, this was the shocker. I was shopping for a wedding dress! I was in a wedding dress shop (where else?) and I picked the perfect dress. I then asked for shoes. The woman in the shop brought me silly looking shoes. All fancy brocade lacy shoes. Not me at all.

It was my life, chapter after chapter.....but I didn’t get to read the final chapter because my alarm clock went off.

So I sat that morning telling this story to my Mum and Dad. They knew what my dreams were like and probably realised then that their youngest daughter was about to fly the nest.

I went into work that day and told the girls, and it then became an expensive task trying to find this guy. I say expensive because we started going out for bar lunches every day. And every guy we saw was scrutinized. “Is that him?” they asked every time a guy vaguely matched the description. Nope.......I just knew it wasn’t my man. None of them were.

After a while, I gave up looking.

And you know that saying, something will turn up when you’re not looking for it - well, it’s true.

A couple of months later, I was out one night for a drink with my sister and a friend, when I met this guy. I have to be honest and say that my dream didn’t even enter my head at that point.

A few days later he took me out on a date. He was tall, dark, and yes, he was handsome (I don’t care if it sounds twee!) He wore glasses. He had a red BMW. He had a red puffa jacket.

A couple of years later, I went with my Mum and my sister wedding dress shopping. I knew in my head what I wanted, I had even sketched a picture of what I wanted. And guess what......second dress I tried on was the one I wanted. Then I asked for shoes. You know what’s coming, don’t you? Fancy brocade lacy shoes. So I had to get my shoes elsewhere.

So, seeing as we will be celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary later this year, I think I can honestly say that dreams can come true.

Monday, January 02, 2012


                                    Some people make them, some people don’t
Some people keep them, but some people won’t     
Me, well, it’s not something that I’ve ever done         
I can’t actually remember making a single one
But if I did, I wonder what mine would be
Hmmm....thinking.....this could be a hard task for me

Give up drinking? Lol, on these meds, I never touch the stuff
Stop smoking? Thankfully.....I never have....not even a single puff
Diet?.......oooohhh nooo.....I just don’t do that word
So the thought of me on a diet is just totally absurd
Stop swearing? I don’t often do that, unless I stub my toe
Then, I’m sure, most of us would let a couple of expletives flow

So what else? Start being nice? Hmm.....I already am!!
Be the perfect houswife? Make cakes and pies, chutney and jam?
Maybe dust every room and get the hoover out once a day?
Do all the ironing, and stitch the cuffs that start to fray?
Clean the loo, scrub the shower, wash the windows every week?
Hmmm.....don’t like this......starting to look rather bleak

Well, I guess this little exercise has proved one thing to me
That a new year resolution maker, I shall never be