Friday, June 29, 2012

 The Fight 
What’s this thing doing to my life?
Constantly attacked by a butcher’s knife
The handle hammering the side of my head
Feels like it must be made of lead
The blade is in my teeth slicing up to my eye
I have a question. Just one. “WHY?”
Just seems like a never ending hill
And I climb it. Popping pill after pill
I occasionally get somewhere near the top
Then, action begins. A sign appears. “STOP!”
The knives come out and they drag me back
Way down through that worn out track
I plead with them to leave me alone
But no. They stay. Silently, I groan

Pain has taken so much from me
One day, I hope, it will set me free
But until it does, I must keep up this fight
Day after day; night after night
Because I am Liz
The one who never loses the place
The one who always has a smile on her face

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's all about money....

Our country, like so many others, has a wee bit of a financial problem just now. The solution? To get as many people off benefits and into work.

Sounds so simple, doesn't it?

But the benefits they are talking about are sickness and disability benefits. The thought is, that most of the claimants are fraudulently claiming. The truth is, that probably a very small proportion are fraudulently claiming.

So, to try to sort out the real claimants from the others, claimants are being assessed by private companies (with no medical expertise), who work on a bonus scheme. The bonus scheme basically means that the more people they put off benefits, the more money the company makes from the government.

Now that sounds really fair, doesn't it..........

People with legitimate illnesses or disabilities have been taken off benefits. Those people have then had to go through appeal procedures (which cost the government more money), then their benefit has been reinstated. Sick people have been losing sleep worrying about this, some have even taken their own lives through fear of this.

Maybe it's time for the government to find other ways of saving some money.

Just one example of what they could do.......perhaps they could fill the "legal" loophole where stars and celebrities avoid paying tax.

I'm talking about Jimmy Carr, the (unfunny, in my opinion) comedian, who with the help of clever lawyers and accountants, he has managed to pay 1% in tax, while paying for his £8.5 million home in cash. Apparently he earns over three million a year......but pays 1% in tax??? And he has not broken the law!

The story about this broke last week in the news, and of course, Jimmy Carr is now saying that he is very sorry. Hmm.....yes, he is sorry. Sorry that he's been caught! And no doubt, there will be a few other celebrities shaking in their shoes right now, in case they're caught doing the same thing.

Ok, I know everyone would try to find ways of paying less tax, but 1% when you are earning that much just seems a bit ridiculous. Especially when doctors, nurses, teachers, mechanics, cleaners, secretaries etc do NOT have a choice.

So, yes, why doesn't the government try to fill that loophole in order to get a few more pennies in the piggy bank. I'm sure it would fill up much faster than the campaign against sick and disabled people.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Catching Up

That seems to be the story of my life. I am forever trying to catch up and never seem to be able to keep on top things. I always seem to have a job which is needing done whether it be cleaning, washing clothes, cooking.....oh, and there is always a pile of clothes wanting to be ironed.....I just don't want to iron them.

I suppose every housewife is the same, but I learned not to let it worry me too much many years ago. My back was at its worse when we first got married, and it was hard enough getting out of bed some days, never mind run around with the vacuum cleaner. So housework could wait. But things can only pile up for so long, otherwise, the pile falls over, and just creates more work. Now, I am lucky, since I do have a hubby who is not adverse to helping with household chores and he is also a dab hand in the kitchen. But the ironing......well, that's one task that even he isn't keen on.

So today, that's what I am trying to tackle - the ironing pile. I actually thought it might be a good distraction. I had a bad TN pain day yesterday and spent a lot of the day trying to sleep it away. I don't want to get caught in that trap again of sleeping all day because my face hurts, so the iron is out today, and I have been pressing on with great gusto. I've only done half of it, so who knows, maybe by the time I have finished I will have forgotten about my face pain. Maybe I will have forgotten that there is a  butcher's knife wedged between my teeth and going up my cheek to my eye. Or maybe I could stand there and iron so much that my back will become so painful that it will make me wonder what all the fuss is about TN. Who knows...........

Actually, I can't complain much, because my pain has been reasonably low recently. I think my concoction of meds seems to be helping. The pain has been there, but I have been able to cope with it so much better. So a couple of bad days isn't so bad. I just wish the butcher would take his knife back.