Saturday, November 02, 2013

Mad Giraffe Days

Last week I was a giraffe for a few days.

It was a silly game on Facebook. I don't normally do those silly games, but that one appealed to me. We had to solve a riddle, and if we got it wrong, we were supposed to put a photo of a giraffe on our profile. Yes it was silly, but every now and again we all just need a bit of silliness in our lives. Besides which, I was brought up answering riddles. My Grandfather was an expert at them and had taught me well, so I was pretty sure I knew the correct answer.

Hmm....of course, I was wrong and I became a giraffe.

It was silly, but it was fun. Silly jokes about giraffes. Silly photos of giraffes. And lots of people having lots of laughs about those giraffes.

It is really quite difficult to take yourself (or anyone else) seriously when there is a giraffe with an odd expression staring back at you. 

But it's not the first time I've been a giraffe.

I was very tall, and I spent my childhood with that name pinned on me by school mates and teachers (yes, teachers too). I wouldn't say they bullied me, just made fun of me....except, it wasn't much fun for me.

I suppose that's what childhood is about - getting the odd knock here and there and learning to get back up and stand tall.

I did actually get to an age when I was quite happy to be tall, and funnily enough, the name calling also stopped. Or maybe I just stopped listening to it.

You may have noticed that I said I was very tall, as opposed to I am very tall. That wasn't a mistake. When I was 15, I was six feet tall. I have lost a few of those inches since then. I don't know where I lost them, and I don't suppose I'll ever find them again.

Anyway....those few days taught me a couple of things. One being that after all of those years of being poked fun at, I actually quite enjoyed being a giraffe after all.

And the other thing I learned....there is only one thing worse than being a giraffe with a sore neck, and that is a centipede with sore feet. (Sorry!)