Friday, September 04, 2015

"Looking After Our Own" #RefugeesWelcome

Nobody can possibly have escaped seeing the harrowing photos of the last few days of three year old, Alan Kurdi. Sometimes there really are no words which can express emotions properly. And this is one of those times.

I keep reading about people not being happy about photos of that poor little boy being shown. The photos are too 'distressing' and 'upsetting' so shouldn't be shown.

But surely we should all be distressed and upset. We have in actual fact been ignoring this whole situation for so long. We should be distressed and upset. More than that, we should probably feel ashamed that we have ignored it for so long and allowed it to continue.

So if those photos are what makes people react, then I believe they need to be shown.

I find this photo no less harrowing. The poor man who tried in vain to take his wife and sons to a safer place.

I have sat and watched the news for months saying, how awful, this is terrible.....but what have I done? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I am guilty of sitting back watching. Watching, grateful that it's not happening to any of my family, but I've done nothing about it. I haven't donated anything to help those people, I haven't signed a petition to ask our governments to help more. I have simply sat here, watching the television, saying, "isn't this sad."

I am as guilty as most people of thinking, well there's nothing I can do. But in actual fact, I can do something. I can petition the government, lobby my MP to ask them to intervene and do something to help these people. We can't all afford to donate money, much needed items or even a room in a house. But we are all capable of asking our governments to help more.

Our governments have probably been partly to blame for this situation arising in the first place. So isn't it their duty to try to help those poor people? I think it is.

Apart from some people criticising the photo of Alan Kurdi being shown, I have also seen some truly horrible comments. 'We need to look after our own', 'They just want to come here for benefits', 'They should just be dumped in Libya'

I actually hate even repeating those words, but just as those harrowing photos needs to be seen, those words need to be heard. And the people who say those words need to be ashamed of themselves.

Those refugees are our own. We all live in this planet....together. We are all the same species. None more special than any other. We are all people. So, yes, we do need to look after our own. And it is time for us all to start doing so.

What can you do to help?

Enough Suffering - #RefugeesWelcome