Sunday, January 29, 2017

Every good voice is needed

I'll keep it simple.

1. I don't understand how Donald Trump became President of the USA.
2. I find some of what he is doing and suggesting disgusting and vile.
3. I worry about my friends and relatives in USA.
4. I worry about the world.

I know there are millions of articles and blogs which are well worth reading, so another from someone like myself probably isn't needed.

Except it is needed.

People around the world need to speak out. And my blog is my voice.

I know people may say, but it doesn't affect you, you don't live in America, so you should just keep quiet. But why should I? If the leader of my country was suggesting some of the things he is suggesting, I would hope other people in other countries would notice and speak up. Besides, what happens in America, affects the rest of the world.

I know people may say, but it doesn't affect you, you're not a Muslim, so why be offended? I am offended because Muslims are people.

I know people may say, but it doesn't affect you, you're not a refugee. Thankfully!! Just thankfully!!

I could go on. I'm white. I live in a country where, at the moment, I have free health care. Where sick, disabled, young and elderly are all looked after. Where the children are entitled to a free and good education.

So why should I bother? Why should I care?

Why not just keep my head down and stay quiet. My life's good. So just forget those whose are not. Forget those people, because it doesn't affect me.

Because they are people. That's why.

That's why my voice needs to be heard.

Because I care about other people.


  1. So true Liz. Leo x

  2. I agree with Trump. A ban on Muslims for the moment makes sense. And if you can't see the wisdom then i can't help you see it. deb

    1. Not every Muslim is a terrorist. Very few of them are. What next? Make all Muslims in the country leave?
      Next time you need a doctor, perhaps you might think about that.
      Besides how this affects USA, it has effects on the rest of the world too. Today a Glasgow vet (who happens to be Muslim) couldn't travel back to Scotland, because her flight was via New York. That's just one story.
      But, hey, you have your opinion, I have mine.

    2. Just so there's no confusion, I didn't mean to imply that all Muslims in America are doctors, or the all doctors are Muslim. Muslims are just people. Doing all sorts of things. People. Just people.

  3. Yes, just people.. and you can't tell the good from the bad and for right now i believe this is best for our country. No change comes without pain.

  4. I'm not a regular commenter, but I saw your concerns in someone's sidebar and felt compelled to respond. I live in the USA and was a lifelong Democrat and until I started reading more and researching, did I change my mind and became a conservative. First of all, many people, and I'm not saying this is you, don't really know what's going on in Washington except for what they read or hear from what we call the MSM or Main Stream Media. The media are mostly liberal people and twist the news and out and out lie about what is really doing on. I can back that up with links if you want. They covered for Obama, covered for Hillary and I could go on and on. If it weren't for Obama's poor policies, we might not be in this predicament to start with. And I'm talking about the rise of ISIS and the threat of terrorism all over the world. Trump is not a perfect person. Neither am I. But, there are many biblical examples of God using imperfect people to further His plans. I think people ought to at least give Trump a chance. I am not for letting just anyone come into our country without finding out what they are all about. There are already many reports of terrorist cells in this country now. That scares me to death. It's time to stop this madness of letting people from known terrorist countries come here without a full vetting. This is what Trump wants to do. He is not singling out Muslims, but those that come from known terrorist nations. In fact, Obama did that very thing in 2011 and not one word was said about that by the liberals or media! As to letting any and all Mexicans and whoever flow into our country illegally...well, that needs to stop too. If I break the law in my country, I have to pay the consequences. They should have to, also. I understand why people want to come here, don't get me wrong. But that doesn't mean that we can take care of everyone. We have a huge debt hanging over our heads now and our resources will dry up eventually and there won't be Social Security for those that have paid into it for years and years or health care for the poor that are legal citizens.
    I hope you understand, Liz, that I'm not trying to argue with you. I just want to share my opinion and maybe give you something to think about. Be careful what you read. Things are not always what they seem to be. I'm not sure why you think that Trump is so vile. He's promised to keep America safe and if that means keeping certain people from entering the US for a season, then it's perfectly in his right according to our constitution and I fully agree with him.
    I just have to add that I'm fully disgusted with those that are wailing and protesting here in our country because Hillary lost. Obama has a lot to answer for in dividing this country. But then, that was his intentions all along, in my opinion.

    1. My goodness a voice of reason...... you go so long thinking you are the only one feeling this way.... I agree so much with what you said so eloquently . i hope other people can 'hear' what you are saying...Thank you for making me feel not so quite alone in my opinions..and being brave enough to say something... deb

    2. Thanks for your comment, Cheryl.

      I don’t want to waste much more energy on this, as I have little to spare, but I do want to respond.

We actually have MSM in the rest of the world too. I know how it works and I do research what I read.

However, I didn’t have to research much about Trump because, let’s face it, he just says what he thinks. He managed to summon up a lot of hatred in your country against Muslims and Mexicans, didn’t he. Look at those rallies. “Build that wall! Build that wall!” And of course, he was caught on tape talking about how he treated women. And the little incident of mocking a disabled man.

      I call things like that vile and disgusting. Things that cannot be excused.

If those are the kind of imperfections which God is happy to overlook to allow a man to carry out his plans, I worry. What kind of plans could he have in store?

Yes, I know Obama called for a ban too, but it was done in a different manner. And let’s face it, we know that Obama didn’t have a problem with Muslims.

Whether Obama, Trump or God himself wanted to ban Muslims from those countries, I stand by what I said in my blog post. Muslims are people. They are not terrorists. Banning them is sending a hate-filled message to those people. 

      Trump has promised to keep America safe, but unfortunately, the way he goes about things, I can see the opposite happening. I do hope I am wrong.


One thing that I have thought about though - the best choice for President of the USA was Clinton or Trump. For such a large country, I find that very sad.


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