Sunday, January 29, 2017

Every good voice is needed

I'll keep it simple.

1. I don't understand how Donald Trump became President of the USA.
2. I find some of what he is doing and suggesting disgusting and vile.
3. I worry about my friends and relatives in USA.
4. I worry about the world.

I know there are millions of articles and blogs which are well worth reading, so another from someone like myself probably isn't needed.

Except it is needed.

People around the world need to speak out. And my blog is my voice.

I know people may say, but it doesn't affect you, you don't live in America, so you should just keep quiet. But why should I? If the leader of my country was suggesting some of the things he is suggesting, I would hope other people in other countries would notice and speak up. Besides, what happens in America, affects the rest of the world.

I know people may say, but it doesn't affect you, you're not a Muslim, so why be offended? I am offended because Muslims are people.

I know people may say, but it doesn't affect you, you're not a refugee. Thankfully!! Just thankfully!!

I could go on. I'm white. I live in a country where, at the moment, I have free health care. Where sick, disabled, young and elderly are all looked after. Where the children are entitled to a free and good education.

So why should I bother? Why should I care?

Why not just keep my head down and stay quiet. My life's good. So just forget those whose are not. Forget those people, because it doesn't affect me.

Because they are people. That's why.

That's why my voice needs to be heard.

Because I care about other people.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Well, what a year...

All those famous stars who passed away, Trump and of course Brexit. Yep, quite a year!

It was quite a year for us too.

In November we had to say goodby to Red, our lovely fox-red labrador. Our best friend for over 11 years...a very special part human dog.

I still walk into the kitchen and expect him to be wagging his tail, happy to see me. It hits me with a big thud every time, but I know that's part of loving a dog. Part of loving any animal. We know that at some point, we will probably lose them. But, oh, it is so hard.

Throughout his life, I was disabled, limited in what I could do and he played a big part in helping keep a smile on my face on the bad days. He used to give that understanding look that only dogs can do when I wasn't feeling good. He trailed through right at my heel when I was going for a snooze and came and stuck his cold, wet nose under the duvet when he decided I'd had enough time feeling sorry for myself.

He made both Ian and me laugh every single day. He even laughed himself. He bowed down to the Queen (he believed I was the Queen...I didn't tell him there was another one),  and in his younger days he did the Hokey Cokey. We could hide treats for him in the hardest to find places, and he found them so easily. I even hid myself in hard to find places and he searched the house looking for me, then did a crazy, happy dance when he found me.

Red had been a very poorly pup when he was just months old. He had giardia and the vet wasn't sure he'd survive. But we got him through it. He got lots of TLC and I suppose he just gave back what we gave to him. It's all he knew. Love and happiness. If only all animals (and humans!) could know that.

So we have a quieter house here. Now we need to make each other laugh. Now Ian is at my heel when I go for a snooze. But he's not yet put his cold, wet nose under the duvet. I draw the line...