Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child...

Nobody knows the origin of that saying. It may have been an old African proverb. Or it may have been a Native American saying.

It doesn't matter who said it first though. What matters, is what it means.

It means we should all look out for children. Our own children. Our neighbour's children. All children. It means we all have a responsibility to ensure a child is safe.

It means that we shouldn't stand back, turning our heads, ignoring something which is harmful to a child.

We live in a village.

It's called the world.

And we are not doing a good job at raising children. It is up to us to look after all children, world-wide. Whether in our own country, or another country, we need to look out for them. The children's welfare should always matter. It should always come first. We should never stand back.

But we are standing back while the USA, one of the world leaders, is separating children from their parents and locking those children inside cages in warehouses. 

It is argued that the children are being looked after and they are safe. They have bedding comprising of a thin mattress on the floor and a foil blanket. Bright lights are on day and night. Older children are having to look after young children. Toddlers. Babies. Teenagers changing children's diapers. Trying to comfort and console them because nobody else is there for them.

That's not being looked after. It's not being kept safe. Those children are frightened, crying for their families. They are terrified about what will happen to them. Distraught and traumatised, they will be left with emotional scars from this.

If our neighbours were keeping their children like this we wouldn't turn our heads the other way, would we? If our neighbours were keeping their pet dog in a cage, most of us would be up in arms.

World leaders are keen to say it's not right. They are keen to say it wouldn't happen in their own country. But that's where it stops. They don't want to upset relationships with the USA, so they don't condemn it officially and do something about it.

I know most people are disgusted and appalled by what's happening. And that includes most people in the USA. People are angry and trying to act by protesting, writing to politicians and getting media attention.

But a minority of people don't seem too upset by it. They say it's right, because the parents shouldn't have crossed the borders in the first place. Seriously, where are those people's hearts?

Some people seem less concerned about the children and more concerned about trying to push the blame of what's happening onto a previous government. They'd rather keep Trump's name safe than look out for those children.

For the record, it wasn't a previous government. But right now, that doesn't even matter.

What does matter is that somebody needs to make it stop.

I know there are people who think the rest of the world shouldn't interfere in things like this. But we should. We interfere in plenty of other countries affairs. And I would expect other countries to interfere if the same thing were to happen here.

We should always interfere. We should always get angry and act. We are all part of this huge village. And it takes a village to raise a child.

Just before publishing this post, I have seen on the news that Trump has bowed to pressure and has stated that he will sign an Executive Order to end the child separation policy. I hope this does really happen and happen quickly.

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  1. It's an EO full of loopholes that will allow them to keep on snatching the children. We need to keep protesting. Good on you, Liz, putting your voice to the protest.


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