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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Catching Up

That seems to be the story of my life. I am forever trying to catch up and never seem to be able to keep on top things. I always seem to have a job which is needing done whether it be cleaning, washing clothes, cooking.....oh, and there is always a pile of clothes wanting to be ironed.....I just don't want to iron them.

I suppose every housewife is the same, but I learned not to let it worry me too much many years ago. My back was at its worse when we first got married, and it was hard enough getting out of bed some days, never mind run around with the vacuum cleaner. So housework could wait. But things can only pile up for so long, otherwise, the pile falls over, and just creates more work. Now, I am lucky, since I do have a hubby who is not adverse to helping with household chores and he is also a dab hand in the kitchen. But the ironing......well, that's one task that even he isn't keen on.

So today, that's what I am trying to tackle - the ironing pile. I actually thought it might be a good distraction. I had a bad TN pain day yesterday and spent a lot of the day trying to sleep it away. I don't want to get caught in that trap again of sleeping all day because my face hurts, so the iron is out today, and I have been pressing on with great gusto. I've only done half of it, so who knows, maybe by the time I have finished I will have forgotten about my face pain. Maybe I will have forgotten that there is a  butcher's knife wedged between my teeth and going up my cheek to my eye. Or maybe I could stand there and iron so much that my back will become so painful that it will make me wonder what all the fuss is about TN. Who knows...........

Actually, I can't complain much, because my pain has been reasonably low recently. I think my concoction of meds seems to be helping. The pain has been there, but I have been able to cope with it so much better. So a couple of bad days isn't so bad. I just wish the butcher would take his knife back.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Country Road

There is no denying that living with constant chronic pain is not easy.

Through the internet, I have come to meet many people living with pain. We try to support one another. We try to lift each other's spirits. We just try to help one another.

But from time to time, we all wish we could do the things we used to do and to be able to do things faster. But perhaps we need to learn to take small steps, and in taking those small steps, we will notice the things which people taking larger steps just don't notice. Things they take for granted.

Supposing we all have a destination. We have a choice.....we can go on the busy motorway, get really stressed out along the way about the busy, fast moving traffic, or we can choose to go on the quiet country roads, the much more scenic route. The motorway journey will get us there twice as fast, but that country road is slow. We just never know who we might get stuck behind - it could take forever.

But here we are, the chronic pain sufferers, we have no choice, we can't take that motorway journey.

We must take that country road.

We'll get there just the same. But it will be a much longer journey. But imagine what we might see along the way? We have to take our time. That means we can enjoy the scenery. We can take the time to watch the clouds in the sky. We can take the time to look at the birds in the air.

But most of all, we have time for other people on that same journey. And they have time for us. They might stop to spend a few minutes with us, even though it makes their own journey a bit longer. They might even point out something that they noticed along the way.  And, if you need a bit of help, it is guaranteed that someone will come along and give you whatever you need.  If you break down on that country road, a fellow traveller will help you out. They will understand why you have broken down. They will help you. They will support you. They will let you lean on them until you are able to carry on.

Does that happen on the motorway?

Thankfully, there will always be some people who are not chronic pain sufferers who choose to take that country road along with us. They take it because they want to help the people who have no choice. There are many people out there like that. And if you are one of those people I thank you, because you are making someone's journey a little bit easier.

If you live with chronic pain, I hope that you can find some good points to your journey. Take a look across at your fellow travellers and say hello, because maybe right now, they could use a rest and a chat.

Monday, February 13, 2012

TN, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Now Cracked Ribs....What Next?

Yep, that's me -  I'm Cracking Up!

I met with a little accident just over a week ago and hurt myself badly.

As if I don't have enough to deal with!

Hubby and I had been watching a film in bed. I had been desperate for it to end, since for the last half hour of it, I kept nodding off to sleep. So, whenever it finished at one o'clock, I got up to go to the loo. I didn't even need to go - just habit!

Somehow, I don't quite know exactly how, but  my foot got tangled in something lying on the floor (that'll teach me for being untidy!) and the next thing I knew I was falling. And with quite a force too.

I bashed my back against the wardrobe, then slid down it, and caught it again on a chest of drawers. Ian couldn't get out of bed fast enough to come to help me. I was screaming in pain. It's actually a bit strange. I can remember hearing myself scream, and thinking, this is ridiculous screaming like this, but I couldn't stop. The scream just seemed to go on and on.

Ian got me picked up off the floor and my back hurt so much that I was sure that I had done some damage. He got me sitting down, but I kept feeling as if I was going to faint and I couldn't breathe. Probably because there was no air left in my lungs after that ginormous scream! Ian said I had absolutely no colour in my face - even my lips had turned white. I did calm down eventually, but the pain in my back was really bad and I have to say, I was really worried. Ian offered to get me some painkillers, but as my face had been really bad that weekend, I was already at my limit for the day, so could take no more. But by five in the morning, I had to take some tablets. It had become so painful.

On Monday, I convinced myself that it was just muscular. I don't know why I say "just".  There is nothing "just" about muscular pain. It can be severe. Extremely severe! But I didn't see the point in running to an emergency GP, or an hour's drive to our nearest casualty department. I had an appointment arranged to see my usual GP on the Wednesday, so I decided it would keep until then. As you know, I already live with chronic back pain due to my scoliosis. So I kind of felt like it wasn't too seriously injured despite the pain. I also have Osteoporosis, which means that my bones are thinning and could break easily. (I think I conveniently forgot about that!) Obviously, had the pain become worse, Ian would have taken me to casualty.

But I managed to last until the appointment on Wednesday....I couldn't drive because of the pain, so hubby took me down. I struggled to get out of the chair when my name was called, so hubby helped me up.

My doctor listened to my story and took a look and reckoned that it wasn't "just" muscle pain, but that I had probably cracked my ribs when I fell against the wardrobe. And the treatment for cracked ribs......nothing. You just need to keep them until they get better. Which is what I am trying to do. With a lot of oooohs, aaaaaarghs and squealing noises.

It hurts. It hurts to breathe. It hurts to laugh.  Hurts to cough. Hurts to sneeze. Hurts to yawn. Hurts to stand up. Hurts to sit down. Lie down. Get back up. Open doors. Close doors. just hurts.......all the time. It hurts!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention hiccups. Cracked ribs and hiccups do NOT go well together. Hiccups are the worst of all! (If you read this and know of a hiccup cure, please write in the comments box. Even if you don't know of a cure, I'd be happy if you would write in the coments box!)

You may remember from previous posts, I already had sore ribs. One doctor thought it may have been an osteoporosis crack. That was the other side, but the pain was nothing like this.

So, yes, I think I have started Cracking Up.

And I don't think that a tube of Superglue will fix me!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Friends - I used to love that show. Maybe a wee bit sad.....but definitely true. I loved it. I couldn't wait for it to come on. I watched the re-runs over and over, so I probably knew the script as well as the actors. I even shed a tear when the last programme was shown. The Friends theme tune instantly lifts my mood and has me singing along "....I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall....." I would even dance about the room like a teenager if I was fit enough.

Living a life with chronic pain, whether it is from Trigeminal Neuralgia, back problems or any other condition, does change your life so much. Everything changes....including friends. You can't go out. You don't feel well enough to have visitors sometimes. You just want to live in your own little world most of the time.

But I have to say that I have some great friends. They are friends I have met online. Now, I know that some people would argue with me and say that they can't be 'real' friends. Well, I would disagree. They are as real as they get.

Friends who I play Scrabble with, friends who also have TN, friends who I share hobbies with. Sometimes it's strange how we have come to meet.....but we have and they are all real friends. And I am so glad to have met them.

Some of them have "been there for me, when the rain started falling". Friends who listened to me when my Mum became ill and later died, friends who listen to my moans and groans about my pain day after day, friends who try to cheer me up when I am down. It works both ways......I try to do the same for them. When they have problems, I listen. When they have good news, I am happy for them. When they are worried or upset, so am I.

We are there for each other through good times and bad.

They are "real" friends.

Yes, I live in my own wee world most of the time. But I am happy to say that I have a lot of friends who share my wee world every day. And I really do not know where I would be without those friends. They are very special people.