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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Talk To The Animals

Having a bit of an off day today. One of those bad side effect days. The people who take all those meds will understand what that means. But I am trying hard to ignore it.

I’ve actually had a poorly husband for the last couple of weeks as he is recovering from an operation. This has meant that I’ve looked after him more than the other way around, as is normally the case. Although, he possibly makes a better job of looking after me.

It  has also meant that I have had to feed the hens. And they must like me, as they are giving me plenty of eggs every day. My feathered friends are at the door waiting for me every evening now. And I swear one of them is saying “Hello” to me. Ok, so maybe she doesn’t actually say hello, but I say hello to them, then one of them makes a noise in return which sounds just like my hello.

So now you all think I have finally flipped. I have lost the plot. Gone crazy. “The meds have finally got to her........”

Actually, no, I think I went crazy many years ago. Think it was when I was young. If a cat came into our garden, I would maiow to it, and it would maiow back to me. I didn’t have a clue what it was saying, but it seemed to understand me.

Of course, I have a cat of my own now, and yes, she also talks to me. But she doesn’t just maiow. She has several words in her vocabulary. “Hello” and “Thank you” are just a couple of them. And I’m sure she uses a few expletives when I let her in if she has been outside in the rain.

She also tells me if she has caught a mouse or some other delicacy. I can hear her talking about it a mile off. She always brings her food home to eat outside the door. Actually, I think she would really like to bring it in to the house as a gift for me, but I’m not too keen on mice.

I can hear her coming running up to the house making all sorts of strange noises. People have asked me how I know that noise means she is bringing something home to eat. I reply that she sounds as though she is talking with her mouth full.

So there you have it.....hens that say hello, a cat that talks and just don’t let me get started on what the dog is capable of doing!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pet Therapy

 I was chatting with a friend last night about blogs and cats. did read that correctly. Blogs, not dogs.

Anyway, it got me thinking that I better write something in my blog about my cat. But if I write something about the cat, then I need to write something about our dog as well (so he doesn't feel left out). Actually, I am probably wrong in saying he's a dog, because he's probably 70% human and 30% dog.  He understands most things we say, so we had to start spelling certain words so he doesn't understand them, but yes, he now can spell too!

It is certainly true that dogs give unconditional love. Our dog seems to have the ability to know exactly how we're feeling and if things are getting me down he just wants to bring me one of his toys to cheer me up. Either that, or he just climbs up beside me and snuggles in.

Best Buddies
The cat, I am convinced, knows about my trigeminal neuralgia. I only realised this a few months ago. I was going through a particularly bad spell and was lying in my bed. The cat jumped up beside me and I thought she was going to lie on top of my duvet as she often does. But she slowly walked up towards my face. Ever so gently, she kind of brushed her face against the right side of my face (the bad side), and purred softly.  I don't know how long she stayed like that. It didn't hurt, she was just so gentle. I am convinced that she knows about my face and thought she was helping me.

How people can be cruel to their pets, I'll never know. My life certainly wouldn't be the same without those two!