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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Guest Book

I have added a guest book. The link to it is just up there ⤴ underneath my heading. 

Some people have tried to add comments in the comments box at the end of each post, but somehow that doesn't always seem to work.

Anyway, I thought a guest book might work better.  It will be nice to get some feedback from you. So please drop by and say hello.....or whatever you would like to say.

Writing this blog has become really quite important to me. In some ways I am finding it quite therapeutic as I can get all my moans and groans out of my system. I also know that it is helping people I know to understand what my life is like. I always tried to hide a lot of my pain from people. But if you keep doing that, nobody will ever really understand. I really hope that eventually more people will understand Trigeminal Neuralgia. And obviously, I hope that a real cure can be found for this condition. So many people are suffering from this and other hard to treat conditions every day of their lives.