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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Your Life, Your Choice

Since April is "Your Life, Your Choice" month, I felt the need to write a wee blog post about it. Actually, I didn't feel the need at all.....I chose to write it. (Big difference!)

We all go through life making choices. What time to set the alarm? Breakfast or no breakfast? Tea or coffee? Chocolate or......chocolate? Sometimes the choices are simple. Some choices might be easier to make than others.

My Mum used to tell me that I had a good attitude to life. She said that no matter what life gave me, I always tried to smile and just get on with life.

I turned fifty last month (not really by choice😮), but I can look back on my life and I realise that my Mum was right. I do have a good attitude and I am quite proud to admit that.

I try to find the positives in everything. When I find only negative, I try my hardest to turn it around. I try to find something to feel happy about. Something to make me smile. Something....anything which can make a difficult situation a wee bit better. And there is always something.

☔️ Caught in the rain on way to the car - thankful we have a car.
🍓Not a single bit of chocolate in the house - but I have fruit!
🌎 Can't afford to go on holiday - have you seen the views from my house?

Obviously those are trivial examples, but they are real examples. For me, it seems natural to find positives. But I know it's not the same for everyone. However, it is believed that people have the power to choose whether to live with negativity or positivity.

It has long been established that positive thinking can lead to a happier, more contented life. For people living with a chronic illness of any kind, it is believed that a positive outlook can also help them to cope with and manage their illness.

I would say that in my case, that is definitely true.

When faced with daily health issues and chronic pain, I personally believe that 'choosing' positivity is so important.

I wake up in the morning and don't know if my back will cope with getting out of bed. My husband has to help me with some of my clothes, because I can't manage myself. Am I going to be able to make myself a cup of tea, or do I need to rely on my husband to do that too. My face hurts the minute I wake up. I don't know if the pain from it will stay at that level, or if it will get worse throughout the day. Will I struggle with food? Will I be able to clean my teeth? Will I need to spend most of the day in bed because of pain in some part of my body?

I could easily wake up in the morning and think about those things and be slowly dragged down into a deep black hole. But I don't want to be in that hole and I don't have to go into it. I have a choice.

Instead, I choose to be grateful. I choose to be optimistic. I choose to smile. I choose to be happy. It's my life and I choose to focus on positivity. 

I wake up and say, thank goodness I have a rail by my bed to help me get up; I'm glad my understanding husband is here to help me throughout the day; I enjoy porridge, soup, pasta and other soft food which is easier to eat; I have a dog who laughs as he bounces through to see me when he decides I've stayed in bed too long; a cat who seems to sense when I'm having a bad day and sits by my side.

Do those things take away my pain? No, of course they don't. But those kind of things help me cope with my problems. My life's not a bed of roses, but those positive thoughts help to put a smile on my face and get on with life, just as my Mum used to say.

Everyone has choices in life and there are always positives to be found.

It's up to us to find them.


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Good Pain

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good Pain

I often say that sometimes I get "good pain" and people look at me strangely. How can pain ever be good?

Well, I believe it can.

Certain things can cause me to have more pain than usual. Like going out in the cold. Like brushing my teeth. Like eating some foods. Obviously those things don't give good pain. Far from it.

Talking causes pain sometimes. Singing causes pain (not just for me!) And laughing causes pain. Those things cause what I call "good pain" Especially the laughing. I call it good pain because I did enjoy the activity at the time, and I knew at the time that I would end up being more painful, but sometimes the pain is just worth it.
Yesterday we went out visiting the family for the first time this year. One of my nieces is staying with my Dad for a couple of weeks with her little girl. This little girl is four and an absolute bundle of fun. She just doesn't stop. I wish I had a tiny bit of her energy. She had us laughing non-stop and we had such a good day. So I laughed non-stop, and yes, I felt the pain a lot then and a lot today, but it was so worth it. Definitely "good pain".

So if someone ever tells they get good pain, please don't look at them strangely. They've possibly discovered that sometimes pain is worth it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Symptom or Side Effect?

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while. It is something which I am sure most people like myself will recognize. We take so many strong drugs that it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish between the two - symptom or side effect.

We develop symptoms and nobody knows if it is something wrong with us, or if they are simply side effects of the drugs.

I think we all get used to side effects like a bit of weight gain, maybe some nausea, constipation, etc.....but if the drugs are helping the pain, it’s maybe worth putting up with those.

But there are also other side effects like constant tiredness, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, that feeling of fuzziness in the brain, losing balance, the bad memory........the list could go on and on. Again, if the pain is being helped, sometimes we would rather put up with those too.

Those are some of my side effects......most people on these drugs suffer them too.

The strange thing for me is that if I am going through a better spell, I don’t suffer from the side effects as much as I do when my face is really bad. But when my face is playing up, so do the side effects. Strange?? I think it is.

This past week, I wasn’t having a good week with my face, and as usual, all those side effects seemed to flare up too. But my knees were also painful, along with my legs, ankles and even feet. Some mornings I have got up out of bed and felt that my feet couldn’t take my weight. (Maybe they don’t like the extra weight I have put on!)

Throughout my life, I have suffered from painful knees and other joint pains every so often. No cause found for it, but very painful. They eventually settle down again. But I think on top of everything else, it got me down a bit last week. Joint pains could possibly be yet another side-effect? The tablets get the blame for everything. But who knows....possibly I am just falling to pieces.

Actually, falling to pieces wouldn’t really surprise me as I have fallen so often recently.  I just seem to fall for no reason. Trip over my own feet! I think Ian is thinking about wrapping me in bubble-wrap before I get out of bed in the morning. I try to laugh it off and blame the tablets making me unsteady.

But it gets more and more difficult to laugh it off some days.

Saturday, July 07, 2012


The 8th of July would have been my Papa's birthday. Had he still been alive, he would have reached the ripe old age of 101, and I could guarantee that he would still have had us all chuckling with laughter.

My Papa, was a fantastic man. A gentleman, but boy, could he make us all laugh with his antics. He used to do things like handstands and yodel and make funny noises just because he could, and of course, because it made all of his grandchildren laugh. He even used to go to the swimming baths and dive of the top dale and he was so proud of himself for doing so. When he was in his eighties, his GP saw him doing that and asked him to stop!

I could tell many a story about my Papa......all of his grandchildren could. When I was a little girl,  my Gran and Papa used to come to our house for dinner every Wednesday night. When my Papa was still working, I was allowed to walk down to meet him coming off the bus. On our way home, my Papa used to stop and buy me a bar of Fry's chocolate cream, a huge treat for me. I ate it on the way home, and he kept telling me "not to tell my Mammy!", which of course I didn't. Of course, then I could never finish my dinner, but my Mum was never the wiser about that bar of chocolate.

He played Santa Claus at Sunday school Christmas parties, and I was there, sitting on his knee as he asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I didn't even know it was him.  I think he had that "Ho-ho-ho" down to perfection. Just like the yodelling. And just like the Tarzan call. Yes, he used to beat his chest and pretend to be Tarzan. And he didn't mind where he was when he did it.......I'm sure he did it while he was jumping of the top dale at the swimming baths. I know he did it once while he was in hospital and had nurses running from all directions.

But there are three things I am sure we all associate with my Papa - Aromatics, Guinness and......the bookies. He always had a bag of aromatics in his pocket and dished them out to us all. Only one and we had to see how long we could make it last. For those who don't know, aromatics were little brown or pink hard cinnamon flavoured sweets. I always lost that competition. I always crunched. My Papa was not a drinker, but he did enjoy his Guinness and when I was wee, I learned how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. Then........I was allowed some of that white frothy stuff from the top. And so, we come to the bookies. My Papa's regular haunt, which none of us were meant to know about. All he did was bet about five pence (yes, pence!) on a horse so there was absolutely no harm in it, but he liked to make excuses for where he'd been. However, his memory wasn't that great, so he often forgot something. Could have been the milk he was supposed to get from the shop. Or it could have been our dog. Yes, on more than one occasion, my Papa tied our dog up outside the bookies while he went in to put his wee fly bet on the horses, then forgot to untie him when he was going home. Poor Patch.....but he did love my Papa for all of those walks.

My Gran and Papa used to travel to California to visit my Aunt, Uncle and my two cousins. They used to love going over there, then after my Gran passed away my Papa went almost every winter for several weeks. He became known to all the locals, and I am quite sure he became known to many quite simply as 'Papa'.  Everyone just loved him.....and I can understand why.

When Ian and I got our first computer years ago, we brought my Papa up to our house so we could do an MSN video call (old fashioned Skype) with the family in California. He was no longer able to fly over there, so this was a big thing for him to be able to chat to them and see them. Ian and I had a lump in our throats at the end, when my Papa actually thanked the computer screen for letting him see them. I think it made us realise how special that had been for him.

Like I said at the start, he was a man who could make anyone laugh, but he was gentleman too. We all loved him so much, and to this day, we all still miss him.

On his ninetieth birthday, I wrote him a poem.


A lot of memories come back to me
Of what you were like when I was wee
With your funny sayings and conundrums galore
You could certainly never be called a bore

With a pint of Guinness, you were a happy man
You’d even let me pour it from the can
You’d let me sup the froth from the top
But when I got to the black stuff, I had to stop

You were always trying to get us to do acrobatics
And holding competitions for sucking aromatics
You taught us how to yodel....yodel-eh-hee-hee
But it never did sound the same coming from me

You made us all laugh with your Tarzan call
But when you did it in hospital, they thought you’d had a fall
They thought you’d maybe had a cardiac arrest
Until they found you beating your chest

Remember when you used to take wee Patch for a walk
You’d say you were just going around the block
Then the heavens opened and it started to pour
And two hours later you’d walk through our door

But you were bone dry, not soaked to the skin
Then you’d explain, giving me a grin
“I stayed out of the rain, I stood under a tree”
That was the explanation you’d give to me

Stood under a tree!!
My foot! Hee-hee
I know how you never got wet
You were in the bookies having a wee fly bet!

I’ve so many memories - too many to tell
It just goes to show you’ve done your job well
You’ve given us love and laughter too
And that’s why everyone would like a Papa like you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crazy, but nice crazy....

My last couple of posts have been a wee bit depressing about coping and about all my pain, whether it be on my face, my back or those silly ribs. I never wanted to have my blog full of doom and gloom all the time because, as I’ve said before, I am a positive person and I do try to keep a smile on my face every day. 

I said way back in the beginning that maybe I should compose a list of all the things which make me smile. I reckon a list is kind of impractical since if I started, well, I don’t think I’d know when to stop. Yes, there are that many things........

One of the things, well, it's not just one's my nieces and nephews. I have plenty of them and a few of them now have also had children, making us Great Auntie and Great Uncle. (But weren’t we always great???) That does make us feel old though!!!
Just a few nights ago, we got the news that one of our nieces had delivered a nice healthy baby girl. A beautiful girl with a beautiful name. Nothing better than a new baby to make you smile.

It is nice having a lot of nieces and nephews. Nothing like getting a hug from them when you see them. Nothing like being given a drawing or a painting especially made for you. When I was a bit fitter I used to get into the kitchen with them and we’d make cakes. Icing sugar everywhere, but I loved it. Now nearly all of them are old enough to be making cakes themselves, getting icing sugar everywhere in their own kitchens.

I always had great fun when we have had them come to visit. From nail painting to climbing mountains. (Actually, it wasn’t a mountain, and we drove up, but it felt like a very long climb!!) But I always enjoyed their visits. Not always relaxing, but always enjoyable. Acually, sometimes it was relaxing..... I used to pay some of them fifty pence for a foot massage. And they did it! I think I’d need to pay more than that nowadays.

One of my nieces Skyped me this morning. She is living is Spain and tells me that she has now grown up. And she is only 26!!! She is a bit crazy. Actually, not a bit crazy......she is very crazy. But crazy in a nice way. I won’t mention her name, but many people who read my blog will know exactly who I am talking about. There is only one of her. (Thank goodness......I don’t think the world could cope with two!)

Seriously, she is my niece and I love her........but she is definitely crazy. I really shouldn’t say too much, because she is a bit infectious, and whenever I am around her, I do become ever so slightly crazy too. Nice crazy though!  Maybe not even crazy - just a bit silly. We have this thing about singing.  But neither of us can sing. But we both love to. Normally Christmas songs. Oh, and Abba songs. We just get louder and louder and more and more out of tune and drive every one else crazy. Not so nice crazy though......

Anyway, none of my nieces or nephews are any more special than the others. But some are definitely crazier! But whether they’re crazy, quiet, shy, whatever......each one of them has made me smile.

And I think that my ‘crazy’ niece may be an example to everyone.  I'm not sure that I would like her to grow up completely. Maybe none of us should grow up 100%.

It's nice to keep a little bit of silliness in your life.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well, the day has arrived.....presents opened, turkey in the oven and now I'm ready for a wee snooze. And apart from opening the presents, I haven't done anything else. Hubby has done the lot - prepared the veg, stuffed the turkey, and wrapped the little piggies in their blankets. Yes, I've got a good of the best.

I've also got the best dog in the world. Okay, I know everyone says that about their dogs. But mine really is.
He gave us a laugh the other night. My sister had given us a bag of Christmas presents and in it was a present, all wrapped up for my dog from my niece. The bag was sitting on the table behind the couch (his couch). He kept sitting there and every so often looked round at the bag then gave me a look that said, "I know there is something in there for me!" Next he jumped up to try to examine the bag a bit more. He actually reminded me of myself when I was a wee girl. If I saw the Christmas presents before Christmas, there was no stopping me. I just had to have a feel, a shake, a sniff.....I was always so desperate to find out what was inside. My Mum and Dad always had a terrible job hiding the Christmas presents....but they did manage to.
Now, I really didn't thing that I would need to hide Christmas presents from a six year old fox-red labrador. He just couldn't wait to get in at those presents. He was getting so excited and how do you explain to a dog that Christmas is another two days away? It just doesn't work. Besides, it was making us laugh. And as I keep saying, laughing is good.
Then my hubby said that we should take the presents out of bag and lay them on the floor to see if our boy could find the present my niece had wrapped for him. So we did that and lay them on the floor. Red sat eagerly waiting to be told he could go find his. And he went straight to it. No hesitation, just straight to his present. I guess he would have made an excellent sniffer dog for the police, but he might not have been quite as happy. And I certainly wouldn't. Nor would my hubby. He is, as I said, quite simply the best.

How lucky can one person be? A hubby and a dog who can make me laugh.

And laughter is surely the best gift anyone could ever receive.

I hope that you have had a lovely day and been able to find something to make you laugh today.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 05, 2011


So it’s been another few tough days.

Oh how I would love to write that I’ve had  few good days. I know it would make a lot of people happy as well as myself and hubby. But living with chronic pain doesn’t quite work like that.

Sometimes I worry about writing this blog. I am basically opening up my everyday life to the world. Well, not quite the world, maybe just a few people. But some of those people are close family members. And some of them have read my blog and they have told me that it had made them cry. They understood my life and my condition better.........but they had cried.

I feel bad that I have made people cry. That wasn’t my intention.

But those people have also told me that they are glad I have started writing this. They are glad that they understand better. And they think that writing it must be good for me. I actually agree with that. I am sure that I mentioned it before that I think it’s kind of therapeutic getting it all out, so to speak.

I know I definitely have said this before, but I’ll say it again anyway........I don’t want people to think my life is all doom and gloom. It’s not. Even over the last few days, I could still raise a smile. I’m glad that I can. And I am glad that I have a husband who helps with that. I feel bad for him. I would hate to be in his position - wanting to help, but feeling that there’s nothing I could do. But, he does help me a lot. Apart from everyday chores and cooking etc. he just needs to say something, or do something, and that’s it, I’m hand holding my face, the other clutching those sore ribs.

But it’s not just him who can make me laugh or get me smiling. Lots of things do. Simple things. Silly things. Maybe I’ll make a list some day.

I just really, really believe that it is better for everyone to smile. Whether you’re rich or poor, healthy or sick, a smile makes the world a brighter place. Smiles are special. Smiles can say things that words can't. You might just make someone's day by giving them a smile. So next time you see someone without a smile, give them one on yours.

But one more thing about smiles. They're a bit like rabbits. They breed easily. Smiles tend to breed more smiles. Starts with just one, then before you know it, everyone is doing it.

So this is a great big S-M-I-L-E from me.

Now you have to pass it on to someone else.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

On a lighter note....

I do have a life which has a lot of pain in it, but I don't want to give the impression that it's all doom and gloom all the time.

By nature I am a happy person. I try to see the positives in life rather than the negatives.  I smile every day and I laugh every day (even though it hurts sometimes).  I believe that we have to take what we're given in life and live with it to the best of our abilities. Okay, so I'm not superhuman and I may have the odd day when I feel pretty down, but mostly, I try to get up every morning, put a smile on my face and get on with it.

It does help having a crazy husband who tries to make me laugh at every opportunity.