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Monday, November 10, 2014

Remembrance Day

After a peace treaty was signed, the First World War came to an end in the early hours of the 11th of November, 1918.

Poppies were growing in the battlefields of Flanders and due to their colour, they became a symbol of the blood spilled during the war. And there was a lot of spilled blood. The war saw millions of lives lost and even more millions injured throughout all the countries involved, amongst both military and civilians. 

World War One was thought at the time to be the war to end all wars. Sadly, we know that wasn't the case.

We remember those who fought for our countries. What they gave was precious and we must never forget them. But we also must never forget the civilians who were also affected. Nor can we forget about the lives lost on the other side of the battlefields. Those soldiers most likely had no choice other than to fight for their country.

There are so many lessons to be learnt from history.

But are we actually capable of  learning them?

To be honest, I have serious doubts about it.

I want a peaceful world. A world with no terror.  A world without hate. A world without racism and sectarianism. A world free from homophobia. A world that accepts everyone for who they are, without discriminating in any form. A world where people are respected. A kinder world. A fairer world.

I don't imagine I'll get what I want....

We are still living in a world with so much hate, greed and terror. We have power-hungry leaders throughout the world who almost seem to enjoy war. We see wars over power. Wars over religion. Wars over oil. Wars to avoid wars. We live in a warring world.

Our Warring World

We say goodbye as they leave for war
Hardly knowing what they are fighting for
Some come home. Many are lost
War always comes with such a high cost

Husbands, wives, fathers and mothers
Sons and daughters, sisters and brothers
War heroes, they're called, with medals too
Returned back home, draped in red, white and blue

At home we wait for those to arrive
The fortunate ones who did survive
A sense of relief is in the air
Despite some being wounded beyond repair

Physical wounds. In time they heal
But some wounds we can neither see nor feel
The shell shock. The memories. Bloody and dark
The war has left an invisible mark

We’ll never forget, but will we ever learn?
Wars give us lessons which are harsh and stern
Lessons of fighting, bloodshed and tears
Lessons of anger, bitterness and fears

Power hungry men want to lead the fight
Marching soldiers into the darkness of night
They’re fighting. They’re struggling. So many are dying
Wars bring no winners. Just misery. And crying

Will our world be at war until the end of time
With innocent lives being lost to a hideous crime?
Will the hunger for power ever cease?
To make way for a better world; a world of peace

© E. Sirrell
November 2014