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Monday, January 02, 2012


                                    Some people make them, some people don’t
Some people keep them, but some people won’t     
Me, well, it’s not something that I’ve ever done         
I can’t actually remember making a single one
But if I did, I wonder what mine would be
Hmmm....thinking.....this could be a hard task for me

Give up drinking? Lol, on these meds, I never touch the stuff
Stop smoking? Thankfully.....I never have....not even a single puff
Diet?.......oooohhh nooo.....I just don’t do that word
So the thought of me on a diet is just totally absurd
Stop swearing? I don’t often do that, unless I stub my toe
Then, I’m sure, most of us would let a couple of expletives flow

So what else? Start being nice? Hmm.....I already am!!
Be the perfect houswife? Make cakes and pies, chutney and jam?
Maybe dust every room and get the hoover out once a day?
Do all the ironing, and stitch the cuffs that start to fray?
Clean the loo, scrub the shower, wash the windows every week?
Hmmm.....don’t like this......starting to look rather bleak

Well, I guess this little exercise has proved one thing to me
That a new year resolution maker, I shall never be