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Friday, October 25, 2013


Picture from the Official UK Spam website
I hate spam. Always have.

That pink chopped ham and pork which comes in the tin whose purpose in life is to cut half your fingers off...Sorry to any Spam lovers out there, but that stuff just makes me go eeeuuugh.

But my blog post isn't actually about that kind of Spam. It's about the email type of spam. The equivalent of the junk mail which the postman brings on a daily basis. It all gets kind of annoying. I don't want to buy watches, handbags or even those little blue pills. And I don't want to give anyone my bank details so that they can deposit half a million US dollars into my account. I don't believe the story that Great Auntie Doris has left me all that money, nor do I believe I can save the computer world by forwarding on a message about a fake virus. But those are the joys of computing......

Spam on Skype is a little different. Messages, normally from a General in the US army (yeah right!), who is just back from serving in Afghanistan. Wanting some friendship. Oh, and I was nearly always told that I have a friendly face and a lovely smile.

I actually laughed when I received those messages. My Skype profile picture is just a design, there is no photo showing a friendly face or lovely smile. So Skype spam gave me a laugh, but I began receiving the messages like this every day, and they became tedious.

However, I finally found a way to stop them. Went into Skpe profile and unticked the box "female". Simple as that. Not a single message since.

Now on to Facebook. I, along with many others, get the occasional private message turning up from some strange stranger looking for lasting friendship, and they just happened to come across my profile. And guess what.....they are also Generals in the US army who have just been serving in Afghanistan. How boring, can't they think of some other occupation?

Anyway, they are easy to deal with. Hit report....they're gone.

However, the other day, I received one of the above private messages on Facebook. The usual kind of message, but he had also poked me!!! For those who don't use Facebook, you can click a button to poke a friend. A friendly poke to say hello. I'm not overly keen on friendly pokes. I have sore ribs, pokes could hurt.

But this poke was from a stranger. A stranger! Poking me!!

That's worse than spam.  It's even worse than Spam!


Friday, February 17, 2012


Living like this really drags me down sometimes.

The chronic pain.

It just doesn’t go away.

Of course, then I had to have that fall and give myself cracked ribs on top of everything else. That pain is still really bad, but I’m kind of getting used to it now. Just another pain to add to the list.

I do get some good days. But to be honest, the good days aren’t really all that good. And they probably won’t ever be.

I’m not being negative or a pessimist by saying this. I’m being realistic.

I am sure that life is the same for most people who suffer from a chronic painful condition.

Many chronic pain sufferers don’t actually have a life.

They just cope.

Every day.....they just cope. Somehow.

I often say that I think of myself as a positive person. But that’s not to say that things don’t get me down sometimes. That’s ok. It’s allowed. I am human after all. Just as long as I don’t stay down for too long. I need to be able to get back up again. And the longer I’m down, the harder it is to climb back up.

Other people think of me as positive too. A friend told me the other day that I have great spirit. She doesn’t think that she could ever cope with what I live with. But she could. Most people could. That is just how we are made. We have something in us which makes us cope with whatever life throws at us. And when we’re coping with that, it can throw us something else and we learn to cope with that too.

So maybe we are actually all the same. Me, coping with my pain, someone else coping with family troubles. Someone else coping with their money worries or problems at work.

 So maybe I’m not any different from anyone else. Maybe we are all coping. Just coping with different things.

But for most people, they cope as well as having a life.

But for many people with a chronic pain condition - they just cope.

Chronic pain IS their life.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trapped Wind that kind of trapped wind!!

Bad enough having a back problems, sore ribs and Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Trapped wind is one ailment which I do not suffer from. I am sure my husband would gladly testify to this. I blame it on all those meds I'm on. I am sure 'untrapped' wind must be a side effect.

If I can't blame the tablets, then I would have to blame the dog! Poor Red....

I was actually talking about the weather. It is gale force, if not hurricane force winds out there tonight.

A little bit windy elsewhere it seems, but here, where we live, it feels as though the house roof is about to part company with the house. We are hearing all sorts of noise coming from outside. We are half expecting the recycling bin to fly in through the window any time soon.

As I said, it's not nearly as bad elsewhere, but we live at the end of a valley, so I am sure that the wind blows up the valley, then gets trapped here at the end and just swirls about gathering speed. So when I talk about trapped wind, I can assure you, it is trapped wind in the valley I am talking about.