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Monday, August 27, 2012

Listen To The Rain

Just listen........well, that’s if it’s raining where you live, and of course, if you can hear it.

Being so blessed to be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, means one thing - you need to put up with a fair amount of rain in order to keep it looking beautiful.

Just one of those things in life. You must always be prepared for rain. You need to nip to the shops, you must not leave the house without an umbrella. You want to hang out a load of washing, then you’ll be guaranteed of rain.  If the sun is shining and you decide to have a barbecue later, that can be enough to send in those rain clouds.

But we’re used to it.

We smile through it.

We even sing in it.

But one thing I can’t do is hear it. Nope, I can’t hear the rain. I discovered this a few weeks  ago while Ian and I were lying in bed early one morning and Ian said, “Listen to that rain.” I could hear no rain at all. In fact, I got out of bed, and practically had my ear against the window before I could hear it. I could see the rain no problem. It was heavy, lashing down, but I hadn’t been able to hear it.

I’ve mentioned on here before that I suffer from tinnitus, constant ringing and hissing in my ears. I wondered if the rain noise was on the same tone or pitch level as my tinnitus, and possibly my tinnitus was louder and drowning out the rain.

The tinnitus is very annoying, but I can live with it. No other option really. And no answers as to why I have that. It could be a side effect of the meds or it could just be another one of ‘my things’. Probably the latter.

I spoke to my GP about it, and she sent me to ENT for a hearing test. That was done a couple of weeks ago, and I found out that I do actually have some hearing loss. My hearing is lower than it should be.....not low enough to be deaf, but lower than it should be. And for one particular pitch level, it was even lower than that. And the sound of falling rain would fall into that category.

So that answered the question of why I couldn’t hear the rain. Now I would just like to know why I have some hearing loss. As far as I am aware, I used to be able to hear it fine.

But for now, I will just enjoy not hearing the rain, since we do seem to get an awful lot of the stuff. Maybe I am actually quite lucky!
Red and I not really enjoying the rain one day here a few years ago.